How to print multi-line scrolling text in InfoPath


Problem: If a multi-line text box is used in an InfoPath form, and enough text is entered so that the box requires scrolling, then the default print view only prints the text visible in the scroll box, not all the text contained within the field. So how do you make a print view so that all the text is printable?

Solution: Use the Expression Box control on a print view


First step: While on the view of the fields you want to print, click on Design Tasks > Views > Create Print Version For This View

Then, for each text box that could possibly contain scrolling text, do the following:

  1. Delete the text box
  2. Click on Design Tasks > Controls > Expression Box
  3. For the XPath, click on the Fx button
  4. Click Insert Field or Group
  5. Select the original text field that contains the data and click OK

4 Responses to “How to print multi-line scrolling text in InfoPath”

  1. 1 Moss_SharePoint

    Very good article.

    I implemented it and it worked, but the problem i faced was that it wraps the wraps the text on different lines and show the text on one line.

    Any suggestions on that?

    • Check on the display tab to ensure wrap text is selected, and that the field is set to expand to show all text.

      • 3 Moss_SharePoint

        I have done exactly that but it was not working for me.

        Say i have following text in my text box:


        With the wrap and expand to show all text set the Expression box displays this text as:

        1 2 3 4 5 6 7

        Any suggestions?

      • Not sure. The text boxes are storing the data as a text string, so that’s why the text is showing on one line. I don’t see any controls on the interface to change it, and rich text fields don’t help either. I’d suggest posting your question to this forum, and see if anyone can answer your question:

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