‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…SharePoint style!


By April Wolfe, MCTS, 5280 Solutions

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the site
SharePoint was whirring, indexing all night

The servers were working, all backed up with care
In hopes that SP2010 would soon be here

The consultants were done and had refilled their meds,
While visions of InfoPath danced in their heads

The site admin was relieved, project complete
Time to celebrate, be merry, and Tweet!

But look! Bing says: “Get ready to upgrade…”
 “…you’re not done yet, that was only groundwork you laid.”

Away to SPC09, into Vegas we flew
With our smartphones, ideas, and curiosity anew

The data-driven Visio diagrams were indeed very cool
So were list enhancements that made us all drool

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But alas, it’s the Ribbon! Some groan, some cheer

With 64-bit required and Windows Server 2008 too
Can I get this into the budget? How best to argue?

Reusable workflows, inline editing for lists
InfoPath integration, and Access Services

PowerShell scripting, master pages with DIVs
AJAX, FAST, BCS…oh, how I need these to live!

With a list of new “needs” and a heart full of hope
I went back to my SP2007 site and, ugh, started to mope

So I jumped  on board and went straight to work
Spun up a new VM, but it’s slower than dirt

To the SharePoint Community  I go and Twitter away
Sharing insights and knowledge; it’s not work, it’s play!

SharePoint Saturday here I come, looking forward to learn
And off to Target for more midnight oil to burn

And as I look forward to building my new site,
Happy SharePoint-ing to all, and to all a good night!


One Response to “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…SharePoint style!”

  1. Love your poem!

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