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Branding a SharePoint 2007 Table of Contents Web Part is easy with all the of the tags right in front of you. So here they are! (colors and images omitted) Happy Monday! .level-section{ font-family:     ;  } .level-band{ background-image:url(‘     ‘); background-color:     ; background-repeat:repeat-x; height:18px; font-size:10pt; color:#     ; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;  } .level-item a:link{ color:#     ; text-decoration:none;  font-family:Arial, Helvetica, […]

Can’t see more multiple content areas in edit mode? Two Rich HTML Fields showing the same content? To create a custom layout in SharePoint Designer with multiple page content areas (RichHTMLField fields), you should first create a custom page content type and add one custom field for each of the content areas you have in […]

Managing permissions for a user or group in SharePoint

Answers to questions about SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint Designer 2007. These links provide information about frequently and not-so-frequently asked questions about SharePoint and Designer.

Solution overview 5280 Solutions created a system to solve a customer’s need to a) gather mission-critical meeting information from high-ranking officials, b) create dashboards with custom KPIs and charts, c) perform detailed statistical analysis, and d) archive all information. The solution consists of the following SharePoint capabilities: SharePoint Designer Workflows + SharePoint lists: A master […]

Problem: If a multi-line text box is used in an InfoPath form, and enough text is entered so that the box requires scrolling, then the default print view only prints the text visible in the scroll box, not all the text contained within the field. So how do you make a print view so that […]

Can not delete a Site Column in SharePoint MOSS 2007. How to delete Site Columns created programmatically.

SharePoint Desinger custom data forms, do not automatically add new columns from the list or document library. Follow these steps to manually add new columns to a custom data form.

Custom list data views + new URL source value for redirects + SharePoint Designer workflow = method to show/hide fields to different users

CEWP flexibility shines with simple additions